In Tahvieh Company, two air washer models are used for air handling:
Type 1, AW1: Single bank (Max. 75% of Saturation Performance at FPM 500 and 30 PSIG)
Type 2, AW2: Two banks (maximum 95% of saturation efficiency at 500 FPM and 30 PSIG)

Air Washer Features:
Possibility to use special thermal profiles.
Ability to use stainless steel plate for airways.
Complete sealing of doors, panels, ceilings and flooring of devices.
Possibility to use level control switch.
Use of overflow drainage, float bush, quick fill valve and glass site.
Use of proper access door.
Use of special handles and hinges.
Fan is centrifugal type with static and dynamic balance with shaft and bearing grease nipples.
Three phase 380-3-50 electric motor 1400rpm with protection level IP 54 and thermal class F (with adjustable position by setting screw).
Used sheets are hot dip galvanized with electrostatic powder coating with thermal and elastomeric insulation in the air washer body.
Use of polyurethane insulation to prevent waste of energy.
Equipped with expansion joint under fan chassis and vibration isolator to prevent possible vibration transmission to the device.
Air washer pan are made of hot dip galvanized sheet with a suitable thickness and with outer flanges of the pan which has been painted with epoxy painted coating.
Internal headers are made of high pressure PVC pipes to install the relevant nozzles.
Use of anti-deposition plastic spray nozzles to spray water.
Use a plastic plunger to prevent water droplets spraying.



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