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Water cooled and air cooled chillers are designed and manufactured taking into account the working conditions for closed spaces and complying with the global standards.

Water is one of the precious resources and its consumption has reached an unprecedented alanning level. Cooling towers reduce the temperature of the cooling water, so this water can be used repeatedly and over again.

Electrical Enclosure Air Condition is a product that is installed on switchboard or a chamber with sensitive electronic equipment.

In Tahvieh Company, two air washer models are used for air handling:
Type 1, AW1: Single bank (Max. 75% of Saturation Performance at FPM 500 and 30 PSIG)
Type 2, AW2: Two banks (maximum 95% of saturation efficiency at 500 FPM and 30 PSIG)

The apartment cooling mini-chillers of Tahvieh Company are designed at capacities of2 to 6 tons of actual refrigeration and cooling-heating mini chillers (heat pump) are designed in capacities of 4 to 9 tons of actual refrigeration for different climatic conditions.

Tahvieh condensing units are manufactured in nominal capacities of 15 to 120 tons of refrigeration and functional with a variety of refrigerants such as R-22, R-134a, R-407c

Model RAR-4 air-cooled condenser units meets the requirements of commercial, industrial and residential applications. All units are factory assembled, wired and tested and are provided with a holding nitrogen charge.


Tahvieh is the longest established private company specialized in design & manufacturing air conditioning equipment in Iran.Foundation of company goes back to 1964.
Tahvieh successfully achieved assembling of HVAC systems by using production line of Airtemp&Trane. In 1975 Tahvieh opened its 5,300 m² factory in Alborz Industrial zone, close to city of Qazvin
Following ARI standards & “ASHRAE STANDARDS ” led Tahvieh to receive ISO9001 quality management system certification in 1998

شرکت تهویه (سهامی خاص)

شرکت تهویه در سال ۱۳۴۳ تأسیس و به عنوان یکی از بزرگترین شرکتهای بخش خصوصی در طراحی و ساخت تجهیزات تهویه مطبوع به یکی از پیشروهای این رشته در صنعت ایران تبدیل گردید.این شرکت در سال های پس از تأسیس با موفقیت راه خود را در بکارگیری تکنولوژی های روز دنیا هموار نمود و موفق به دریافت مجوز ساخت تحت لیسانس از دو شرکت بزرگ کرایسلر (Chrysler) و ایرتمپ (Air Temp) ازکشور امریکا گردید.

خدمات پس از فروش

ارائه خدمات و تامین قطعات یدکی

بازاریابی و فروش

بهره مندی از تسهیلات خرید محصولات شرکت تهویه

پروژه های اجراشده

پروژه های اجرا شده در صنایع مختلف

Ventilation System for Light and Heavy Vehicles & Train and Metro Ventilation System

  • South pars development project-phases 22,23,24
  • Pardis petrochemical company
  • Booshehr petrochemical company
  • Kavian petrochemical company
  • Maroon petrochemical company
  • Mehr petrochemical company-industrial buildings
  • Kharg olefin project
  • Bandar emam petrochemical company
  • Bandar abbas oil refinery company
  • Mobin petrochemical company
  • Tond gouyan petrochemical company
  • Arak petrochemical company
  • Iran polymer petrochemical research center
  • Abadan refinery company (development phase-3)
  • Jam petrochemical company

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TAHVIEH company always prestigious exhibitions and conferences throughout the country leading provider of new products and services in air conditioning industry in Iran

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